Corie Universe Feeder (Book One)

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WalterEckland By WalterEckland Updated 3 years ago
What’s not to love about digging and mud? 

Corie: tall, thin, scruffy, female, student, blondish, smart, creative, outspoken, trouble-finding, precocious (whatever THAT means), eager, mature, silly, immature, messy-roomed, imaginative, animal-loving girl …… 

……. has actual PERMISSION FROM HER FATHER to dig a hole in the front yard of her house. As an added bonus she can use the water hose, wheelbarrow, shovel, spray paint, a sign and any and all neighborhood friends she wants. After this whole, hole digging event, lots of oddness ensues not just from the aforementioned father, but from her mother, a dog walker, the police chief, the newspaper guy and the scowling town librarian. 

Does any good come of this at all? Well, sit down, grab a free cheese sandwich and find out. Oh! One other thing. If you ABSOLUTELY do not like reading, then read this book. It is a tad nutty, nonsensical and sometimes barely even seems like a book.

If you are a parent who has a child that appears to be un-fond of reading, well, then, bribe them to try this by telling them it’s about popcorn, pudding, and Popsicles. 

And pickles.
ElleAusten ElleAusten 2 years ago
Love Corie and her dog and her house and her family. Fun writing.
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
I shall check the links out. 

Your welcome, you're talented. I really do love it.
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
This has been published? 
I'll get my Mum's kindle.

Are you going to upload Book Two, then?
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
This is genius; very, very, very clever. 
It's unique and very witty. I can see myself reading this to my little brother.
I genuinely loved this.