"Katie's Hellion" (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)

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LizzyFord By LizzyFord Completed
Katie didn't send her boyfriend to Hell, but she's going there to bust him out!  

Katie thinks she’s going crazy when a baby angel and death’s personal assistant appear on her doorstep. Both claim she’s destined for something great. If she can survive, that is. She’s drawn into a world filled with immortals like Rhyn, an outcast who claims her as his mate in a show of defiance to his brothers. Katie rescues Rhyn from Hell, and he discovers fast just how special his little human is. With Death counting his days on one hand, Rhyn must learn to love, before his own time is up and Katie becomes the first human casualty in the brewing war between immortals. Will the love between a gifted young woman and an immortal outcast save the world-- or destroy it?
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart 7 months ago
Wow,what the #ell is going on here!? Talk about having a bad morning lol
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart 7 months ago
Oh great! Idiot! Lol,and as if giving him all the previous info wasn't bad enough,but how you go and tell him you only took a freakin sleeping aid 4 hours ago!?!? You don't say that!
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart 7 months ago
Really!?!?!? And by this point you should have realized what an @ss he is and just keep your mouth shut! Lol,now is so not the time for diarrhea of the mouth,you don't give him more info that's not in your favor!
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart 7 months ago
WOW! Freakin really!?!? That is NOT speeding lol,I wonder what else is going on here,unless he really is just an @sshole cop lol
shandel85 shandel85 8 months ago
Love the writing is phenomenal. It's just crazy how the story ends at chapter ten. There should have been a warning.
Oceanablue Oceanablue a year ago
This is slightly creepy! I would be totally weirded out you know!!!