Ash Miller is what could be described as the school rebel. He likes rock, he likes black clothes, he likes to date a lot of girls...
 ...until he meets a guy who could mean more to him than any number of girls.
 Yet in this society when homophobia is strong, how will they cope?
...Now Im gonna see them as if ther were characters from The Simpsons... Great! xD
I love how u respond  to all your comments most authors don't do that
Yes... Yes it is. 
Once there was a guy who was eating candy right BEFORE the bell rang and our teacher told him to put it away. He tried to eat another piece before putting it away and he got in trouble

... Honestly other teachers SOMETIMES let you eat but no one likes that one teacher
You. Me. Friends. NOW! Oh, and good to know that yo head is a-okay!
I died when i read this!! But i came back to life, cause i want to comment you back!! Two things, is yo head ok? And secondly, NIRVANA IS LIFE!!!
HE, THE AUTHOR, YOU GUYS GET IT!! One time i had my shirt backwards, and friends had to tell me! Blonde of the century, right here!