Typically Me [BxB]

Ash Miller is what could be described as the school rebel. He likes rock, he likes black clothes, he likes to date a lot of girls... ...until he meets a guy who could mean more to him than any number of girls. Yet in this society when homophobia is strong, how will they cope?
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I died when i read this!! But i came back to life, cause i want to comment you back!! Two things, is yo head ok? And secondly, NIRVANA IS LIFE!!!
HE, THE AUTHOR, YOU GUYS GET IT!! One time i had my shirt backwards, and friends had to tell me! Blonde of the century, right here!
This is so weird, frank plays Ray. But. His name is Ray. Like. Ray toro Ray. This is like *MIND FŪCKED*
When I saw who you had put down for who acts as who my jaw literally dropped like just make this a frerard fic or something shīt
None I have never once in any of my years of school been told not to put my head down is it just a Canadian thing were no one cares or something? Idk
lucky, my school our principle or a teacher that doesn't have a class that period would cover our class

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