The Outlaw's Christmas Rescue

A freak Christmas Eve snowstorm threatens the happiness of a makeshift family in the Old West. Can outlaw Sonny McQuade make his way back through the blizzard to the woman he loves, or will he die trying? Characters are from a WIP I will upload here later.
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I am confused of its timing w.r.t. the original story, are they married? still courting? or just imaginary situation!! neverthless I like it :)
I have read them all and tthey were great! I just thought  there was mor it seemed unfinished
Wow, yet another wonderful story from you! Great job.. I hope you continue a few more chapters because I'd love to hear more :)
good story, but timeline clashes with the other story. would be nice if it fit.
I know I have said so many time before I love your story (love is always  everlasting)just love the people in each book, hope u can up date soon please.I belive in giving credit when it truly needed great books
Wow, you certainly know how to pluck the heartstrings. Very moving, i'm surprised you didnt drop this into To love an outlaw. But then again maybe the build up was better without it. Great writing though. I'm looking forward to more of Loving against the geain.

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