Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1]

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deathofcool By deathofcool Updated 8 months ago
What if everything you knew about your life was a lie?

Forfeited as retribution for the alleged supernatural crimes of a father she's never met, Mildred "Mills" Millhatten is cast into a strange, vicious world that she didn't know existed and has little hope of understanding. 

As a Bleeder, one whose lifeblood feeds the Nosferatu, her continued survival hangs ever in the balance. The creatures are keeping her alive because they believe her blood has mystical properties. Mills fears what will happen when they realize they are wrong – or are they? 

If she hopes to survive and discover who she truly is, she needs an ally. She needs to befriend a bloodthirsty monster. Because she lives in their world now, and if she doesn't do something fast, she's going to die in it too.
@deathofcool. when will you finish Ruler in the blood magic serie?!!?! i am addict to iv and it drive me mad to not be able to finish the serie!!!!!
love your work
sundae__sprinkles sundae__sprinkles 6 months ago
It's good,I really not like all those mushy things and stuff but is say ok
mangyhyena mangyhyena a year ago
If you are trying to decide whether or not to read Bleeder, and the completed sequel, I highly recommend you do.  These are fantastic books.  I would put them against professionally published books any day.  Great reads.
StellaPurple StellaPurple a year ago
Bleeder. I like the title. Catchy :)
The model looks like she is sick. Is that suppose to happen?
soverign soverign a year ago
@deathofcool I know right? I feel like this season of AHS is taking forever to get here though, I'm too excited. x.x Witches <3 and she's the main cast member of one of my new horror stories I'm starting :P I love herrrr
rachl916 rachl916 a year ago
I had a little hard time getting onto the book but I and really glad I stuck with it. I couldn't put it down and now cant wait to see what happens next for them. Great kob