Mafia Boss Is My Husband ( Book 2 )

You need to read first book to understand this one ;)) Hector and Lexi's life as normal as always. Enemies, gunshots, drama but this time things are a little different because... Lexi is pregnant... Let's not forget about her ex pyscho boyfriend who wants to get Lexi back. Joy xxx
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woahhhhhhh ganda kaya nung 1st patawa nga ehhhhhh idol ,,,,

IDOL na kita author.....
Like I don't care if this niqqas in the mafia if he brings me food I know it's real
hay !! khuLet nG stOry niTo ExciiTeeeeD na aKOe 
BasAhiN uNg bOOk 2 
i"m a siLenT rEadEr LnG nMn pOe !! Peo Now d Nah !! kc LikE kO toNg stOOry ni2 prMz.
kilig na kilig talaga aq sa story na'to...Astig!!!...N0w,i'm going to read the book 2....Xcited much!!!@@
i am super excited to read the next UD.. hope to read it soon. i am fond of that bad guy turned to super sweet man caused by a woman he truly loves.thank you :)
this story is really good.. and  i love it.. ! its sooo cool.. i can't wait for the update .. :)

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