Right Where You Want Me (Completed)

Previously named Just So You Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meet Arianna Bode, she's sweet, nice, caring and maybe everything he wanted.... Meet Nate Williams, the once legendary player but now totally whipped guy. He was on the football team, sat at the best table, had the best friends anyone could ask for and she just may be everything he wanted to see in the girls of Dubstep high... When a bet is placed and forgotten but suddenly ahd everything to do with them can it destroy what barely had time to start...or will it make the relationship even stronger? Does Nate have it in him to change and really chase after her? Does Arianna really want to be chased? Well of course she does.... Especially if the chaser was...the hot eluding Nate Williams....
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I don't understand how they all ready know each other they never introduced each other
I thought your start was pretty well and I really enjoyed it thouroughly. ^.^

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