The Broken Heart

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MitchieKat By MitchieKat Completed
Aubrey Mitchells loves her brother;she can't live without him.They are as close as siblings will get. When Luka and his mate, Sky, leave for college across the country, Aubrey has to go and live with her parents. The day she arrived they started abusing her. She already had trust issues and because of the abuse, she is scared of everyone.Therefore, Aubrey became emotionless. However, she does end up making one friend. This friend comes with an exception. Her older brother, the strongest alpha in the country, possibly the world. When these two lock eyes, their lives are changed forever. Can he break her shell?
im seriously so confused. theyre wearwolves.. that wear people clothes.. and act.. like people.
can someone help my confusion pls and thankyou
One she should of told her brother but i think i understand why she didn't they left his parents house for a reason and he knows she isn't going to be safe there but he is still choosing to make her go live there anyway
awwwww f*uck that's it. that's fu*ckin it. im grabbing a shot gun, a shovel, and a big black garbage bag. BRETT IM COMIN FOR YOU YOU GODDAMN*ED DICKHEADED BASTAR*D
so she keeps quiet and says nothing to anyone about what happened.....great. now he'll be on to his next victim.
My heart broke and I literally cried at he end O_O what happene to me...
That's not embarrassing! I practically cried when I first got a vote on my book