The Broken Heart

Aubrey Mitchells loves her brother;she can't live without him.They are as close as siblings will get. When Luka and his mate, Sky, leave for college across the country, Aubrey has to go and live with her parents. The day she arrived they started abusing her. She already had trust issues and because of the abuse, she is scared of everyone.Therefore, Aubrey became emotionless. However, she does end up making one friend. This friend comes with an exception. Her older brother, the strongest alpha in the country, possibly the world. When these two lock eyes, their lives are changed forever. Can he break her shell?
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so she keeps quiet and says nothing to anyone about what happened.....great. now he'll be on to his next victim.
I still don't like Sky I feel like it was her fault that Luka also had to leave so the could be together
eww, who wants to look down and see their brother have a tent in his ducky boxers. *shudders*
I don't lyke it cause she got RAPE!! I Brett gets his n the other man that helped him!!
ohh..i feel disappointed..i really love it.. at first... but im stopping sorry
How do pplz always know about pplz that havnt even been introduced yet like puma? I dont even know who he is...should i?

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