In Which Hunger Games District Do You Live?

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Katele By Katele Updated 3 years ago
The district you are in matches your personality!
district 2 have all the weapons in the nutshell (not sure if right mockingly it's said what it's called) and are careers
District 11... But what does a cure for cancer have to do with district 5?
i got alittle confused, but i got district four. LONG LIVE FINNICK!
District 12 ohyah:D

I knew it i am egzactly like katniss. And my sis is like prim :P
District 12, yay! Prim, Peeta, Katniss, Madge, Mother and who can forget Buttercup and Lady ;)<3 Awesomee!
District 12. Which I don't mind cuz that's where Katniss is from and she can teach me how to hunt lol