Changing Him

Meet Alice Hayden, who was once best friends with a boy named James Cooper. They were like two peas in a pod, at least until high school. Whether as a joke or for real, James changed, completely! Now, just by being near each other, a war breaks out at every encounter. Alice doesn't know why, but there is one thing she knows for sure: James is a jerk and she absolutely despises him! But Fate throws in a little twist, just a tiny one to spice things up. Something that might change their lives and bring them closer together or turn them into mortal enemies... So what is there to do but a little mischievous fooling around. Changing Him won't hurt, right?
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I imagine Selena Gomez as Alice! Lol! Anyways it's really good and omg! The cover is so amazing! I love it! Logan looks so damn cute!
When I saw the cast, and then saw 'you' I was fangirling ;) YEAH LOGAN LERMAN!!!
wow O.O TWO hot guys in ONE book amazing and its says 'you'? this is gonna be good
@Queenofclovers.  Haha ;) Me too! I mean, look at him, he's hot... I guess you CAN judge a book by it's cover! XD
@PerksOfBeingAnouje.   Haha ;) You're soo right! He's amazing! And i have a huge crush on him!!! Like who would not?! He's PERFECT!!!
Lol had me hooked at the first sentence and when I looked at the side bar and I saw the cast... SOLD because of its sexiness.... :P

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