My sadistic Vampire(boyxboy)

This is R rated so if you are sensitive to sexual relaions I advise you to leave, also this is about two males having a sexual relationship.
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I like it, but you really should fix the grammar and spelling errors. They make it really hard and annoying to read.
No staph what are you doing. The picture is Andy Biersack you can't just no  no  no nonononono. Never ok.
your story doesn't suck i think it's pretty good story i think you should write some more chapters please update pretty please :)
@Andy_Sixx_ROCKS yeah its great with the whole title thing Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer...I didnt think of what sadistic meant at the time..........
okay so I thought this was gonna be just a regular should really leave a warning or something......I am scarred...officially.....
oh god.. that's so hot!! where is my fan? oh, there it is!
can't u write more?? please???

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