Souls of the Fallen

Death has been personified in many ways throughout history; a dark, shadowy hooded figure with skeletal hands, the Devil, demons, even angels... angels... just the thought of it makes me want to laugh! We are far different from any of those beings. We can understand why you humans would believe such foolish things, though. You see, we used to be like you; slow, weak, oblivious to the world that is right in front of you. You give us many names; monsters, murderers, minions of the devil, and even angels of death. No, we are just like you. Physically, that is. And we are everywhere. In fact, if you are reading this right now, there is a good chance one of us just passed you by. Watching you. Making sure you don't see this. Oh, you poor unfortunate humans, not seeing the world as it truly is. We are the managers of life and death. We are the reapers.
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lol this was funny and super entertaining to read! I love your narrartor, Lux/Samantha. Not really my type of story normally, but i actually liked this a lot :)
Really awesome! Well written. Caught my attention the moment you showed me! Please continue!
Wow this story was FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!! I was hooked  from the first sentence. I honestly enjoyed it and will add this to my library AND vote :)
This is a very original idea and the decriptions are really vivid. I also love the funny dialogue :) keep up the good work
Whoa - Samantha? I thought it was in a guy;s POV. :p

I fell in love with this just reading the synopsis, and this chapter hasn't disappointed :D
They reminded me of Grelle Sutcliffe, William T. Spears, and especially Ronald Knox (because he is also an apprentice reaper) of Black Butler.

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