The Witch and the Vampire King [Book 2]

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Anna Santos By Anna Santos Updated 3 months ago
Jessica is a powerful witch, looking for her soul-mate. Who she remembers from another life. She knows two things: he is a vampire and he is damn hot! Unfortunately, she doesn't know if he is still alive since, when supernatural beings lose their soul-mate, they eventually die of loneliness. 
But if he is alive, will he accept her back or will he reject her because he doesn't believe she is the reincarnation of his deceased love?
To get things worse a dangerous and psycho vampire wants to find her and take her away for some unknown reason.  
Jessica needs to win her mate's heart and try to stay alive in a world where being different and mating another specie can make yourself get killed. 

[The story you are about to read is intended for readers age 18+ due to its sexual content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.]
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omg its like I saw his face and I was like speechless for like twenty seconds like O.M.G.
that's it??? im kinda looking for a happy ending but the story leaves me hanging, and confused
I called it since the first book. epppppp!!!!! Jessie finally found her mate.
I absolutely loved the first book and looking forward to reading and finishing this one. You have a vivid imagination I love ur stories. Could you please do a cast for this book it helps with seeing the story like u see it , if you understand what I mean. Rock on Anna 
Its very sad her situation, without knowing if she'll ever find him...
she's absolutely hurting very deep ':(
I don't think so! Its more like his father is. He is the king after all, not Eric. Plus he keeps sleeping half the time where he could live in his memories...and Shane did say that her mate must be old or possibly dying if they are reliving the memories.