Bloodline Chronicles II: Tricks of Fate

His memories returned to him, Van’s true identity is finally revealed, but there are still questions in his mind about his true abilities. In addition to this, there are things oddly happening around him: a mysterious girl with a memory lapse joining Ad Lucem, a strange middle-aged woman claiming that she knows the true history of the bloodlines, and the Heirs abusing their abilities and taking every move to extinguish their only remaining opponent. A second instalment of the Bloodline Chronicles series, this story reveals the history of the bloodlines, the dark past of the Pierce brothers, as well as the Heart of Gaea, which could shake the foundations of the Planet. Witness the bloody battle for the Heart between the Heirs and Ad Lucem, the revelation of the first royal family’s secret, and the unravelling of every twisted and tampered past. Fate has finally begun to play its own tricks.
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hahahha iguess my prediction is right ahhaa

Wow!! uhmmm .. thanks ahhah
@zackstrife14 I think is really good and I can't wait to learn more about Jasmine
Yes.. finally..!! I'm so happy that you finally started writing this.. :))
wow.. looks like it's gonna be a very interesting book.. so excited..!!

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