Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Wax Killer

3 Part Story 1.4K Reads 18 Votes
CameronOBrien By CameronOBrien Updated 11 months ago
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are back in an all new adventure. Mysterious killings are turning up all over London but with a twist the victims are found with wax on their faces. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are on the case to save London from the notorious wax killer.
KatyBrimacombe KatyBrimacombe 2 years ago
This is pretty awesome. I wish the chapter was longer or at least made this a prologue. Also you have some errors in your sentence construction with grammar mistakes and forgetting spaces.
BritishSpy BritishSpy 2 years ago
I like it so far, though you do have a few grammerical mistakes.
Artist Artist 3 years ago
Ooh, I like where you left off -- it's a cliffhanger!
You have a couple grammar and capitalization errors, but besides that, this is a amazing beginning.
Beautiful_ME17 Beautiful_ME17 3 years ago
this is very unique and some more description could help improve. (:
Lexi2354 Lexi2354 3 years ago
I like how you started off with the newspaper article and the details that you put into the story. Great job, keep writing. Voted! :)
MexAndxNobodyxElse MexAndxNobodyxElse 3 years ago
I like the dialogue!  You did a really good job for that time and everything! Im impressed