Chrissy and the Ouran Host Club

All Chris Madelyn wanted was to be normal. But with her long black hair, vivid blue eyes, and independent attitude, she can't help but attract attention from a certain boy at her new school in japan, Ouran Academy. Can Chris find normalcy in her strange new life? Or will she always be in the center of attention? Officially on hiatus... Don't hate me, I'm coming back I promise.
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Do you realize the guy that plays Sherlock Holmes is Robert Downey Jr and he plays iron man
I'm Scottish, French, Cherokee, German, Danish and more but my mom doesn't know.
Benedict? Cause his cheekbones are just perfection. I could cut myself on those.
Oh, you mean Benedict Cumberbatch? Because Sherlock Holmes in the Sherlock BBC version is sexyyy.
wait so dj and june r lesbians
it totally fine it is your story I was just vonfused
NO!!!!!!! DON'T GO IN THE MUSIC ROOM!!!!!! DON'T GO IN THE MUSIC ROOM!!!!! And she went in the music room....e_e

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