If She Only Had Wings - Watty Awards

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princessB1992 By princessB1992 Updated 4 years ago
Keiko lived in a land where evil was customary, and hate was traditional. Pain, and spirits were common. Keiko knew that peace was somewhere in this world, but she had no idea how to achieve it. Join Keiko as she meets God and find what real peace and freedom truly is like...
That was great! You could really feel her emotions, and the impatience she had to learn more. Truly amazing. Not much that needs editing, just a few spelling errors, that's all. Do you have any other stories planned for the near future?
Michelle! Long time...I'm happy you wrote something. This is very good, you don't need to edit it except for little spelling mistakes like on page 1, the word "Callused" but other than that I really like it! Good job. <3