Asylum [Hiatus for Revisions and things]

River Anderson is not crazy, and yet, here he is. Trapped in a world where he doesn't belong. No matter how much others tell him otherwise, he is convinced that they're wrong. I mean, they don't tell him much, but how could they know if something is wrong with a mind that's not even their own?
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"I'm here apparently because I'm a bi-polar little f*cker."

xD Bahahaha! Love it so far!
I love it! A X is so adorable ^.^ *squishes him in a hug*
I can't wait for more! Upload soon please!
OHMIGOSH it was so fun making it!
But I wrote a story kinda like this, but it wasn't a love story, the character was just crazy.
Love this! X sounds like an epic person xD ahaa I don't know what your worries about this are, but I see no problem with it ^^ x
@FrickinSunny -sighs-
at least you let me sex him all night long. 
-goes to sleep-

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