Pleasure Hideaway (steamy romance)

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_PhyllisCampbell By _PhyllisCampbell Updated 3 years ago
When temptation walks through the door, it’s time to get rid of the rulebook.

Her assignment as an investigative journalist is to get the story on a sex resort, not sleep with her servant! But Kristine Olsen can’t stop wanting the sexy man assigned to her. She hasn’t counted on the unexpected feelings for Cole, and especially the story she uncovers.

When Cole Hunt spots the newest guest, he knows his week will be filled with more than just paperwork to close his resort. The blue-eyed beauty has branded him with her white-hot kisses. She’s keeping secrets, but will giving his heart to Kristine become his downfall when his resort is exposed?
Is breaking the rules worth it?
RoyaltyBrand RoyaltyBrand 2 years ago
Wattpad recommends me all the freak books lol im a slut reader lol
WeresvsVamps WeresvsVamps 2 years ago
I'm kinda confused.  If th old owner said tht th resort couldn't change 4 a few months, then r Cole's bout not doing it wit th guests put in2 place yet n if hey r then why r th guest still goin there?
yuanne11 yuanne11 2 years ago
you are one very - and I mean VERY - good writer! my third book from your works, and I only started yesterday!
milkshake22 milkshake22 3 years ago
Woww!! Another great story. I'm soo in love with ur great stories. Damn what kinda spill did u cast on me to be this addicted to ur stories.. :P
pie2711 pie2711 3 years ago
@PhyllisCampbell You are damn right about this is more intense than "The Man Hunt"! 
I like Kristine a very adventurous & sensual lady... & Cole was a hottie ;-)

What did you do to me to become so addictive to your stories??? lol
vee_ano vee_ano 3 years ago
Such a great start! :D
-settles down with a bucket of popcorn-