Dead Boy

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OhMegaWeirdo By OhMegaWeirdo Updated 3 years ago
I am Dead Boy and I only want one thing Revenge.
MeowCee MeowCee 3 years ago
plesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantly epic upload faster and longer chappie plss cz i lov it already!!!!!!!!!!
MeowCee MeowCee 3 years ago
Heyyy!!! Sappy girls huh! Ehem anyways... Pls upload faster-no pressure but- at least make the chappies longer!!!  It nice though the story so pls end my suffering to read more! Tnx
SincerelyJune SincerelyJune 3 years ago
I like how you say this is my epic story. Lol anyway this was interesting, wish it was longer.
bluebuffy bluebuffy 3 years ago
Interesting! I like how the sentences are kept short, it gives the writing a nice effect. Your spelling is good, but for ellipses remember to use just three dots :] This prologue definitely gets me wondering, like who killed him and why. Nice job :D
ammagon ammagon 3 years ago
Hey this sounds really interesting yo!  I hope you plan on keep writing...I want to learn more about what happened and the main character himself!
wannabeactresse wannabeactresse 3 years ago
trhis is really, good. i like it, by the way hoew did u put writing on your book cover? check out mine? : D