I wish you could see me~ [BoyXBoy] ( Daniel's Story from Unexpected)

NOTE: If you have not read Unexpected-(Sequel to I'll Make you Beg , Read it or this might not make sense. It's been thirteen years and everyone is all grown up. With Daniel only being 15, he is always called the baby. Everyone always tries to protect him. But he hates the fact that the one that still sees him as the baby is the one that matters the most. Cameron.. All Daniel wishes for is that Cameron wouldn't see him as the baby but see him as Daniel, the boy that loves him. Will Cameron finally see through everything? Or Will Daniel give up and move on? Copyright ©2011-2014 colorfuldays. All rights reserved world wide.
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I like that he is gay but I'll b honest I didn't think that they would end up together. I always thought it was gonna b Cameron and Amber. But hey I like it
Am I the only one who finds this freakjng hilarious that as soon as it is written about papa's soap everyone automatically knows who it is. Hahaha
I need to finish this book I forgot all about it omg!!!! I love Bellador and Sky!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Daniel is so so so cute!! ❤️❤️
I guessed it as soon as they said both names. Papa sounds more like something you'd give an Italian guy than Dad... So yea.
@flyingbrownies but amber and cam are technically cousins and I thought about that too though!
Yeah, I guessed Papá was Bellador bc of the 'soecial shampoo' CX I thought Amber and Cam would end up together, but I guess I was wrong! So far so good

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