The Alpha King

A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their blood. Blaine the heir to the throne of the alpha king is one of the toughest werewolf alive and is Paisley's mate loving her instantly. Paisley on the other hand can't get close to Blaine for fear of him getting hurt from her past. What happens when it is time for Paisley to move again because of her old alpha, Miles, wants her dead. How does Paisley cope knowing that she can never get close to Blaine with him inches away from her. What about Miles, does he kill her before Blaine and Paisley can even get close? (I'm not good at introductions but give it a chance? Please) Cover made by:shanniin
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live this so far and am glad her and her brother got away from their alphas abuse.
Plot seems amazing but the sentence structure is a bit off which may ruin the effect of the story. Might wanna proof read it:)
That was one of the best intro's to a story that I'm a very long time
OMG that was a amazing start to the story, i was hooked into it from the first sentence. love it!!!!
A really good start! But needs a bit improving on the punctuation; (like commas).
I like how you bring it to life by showing us the school. Most authors only show the characters :)

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