Climate Change - Teen love story with Hollywoods heart throb (Watty Awards)

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tbargon By tbargon Completed
How would you feel if Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber picked you out of a crowd?
When teen heart throb Jayden Boral chose environmental activist Jessica Jones, their lives changed. A story of love, flirtation, sex and hate at first sight.
sabrinaleigh123 sabrinaleigh123 2 years ago
I loved it!!!! I didn't put my phone down until it was over!! I'd love a sequel. I'd definitely read it!! 
Very good job writing this book!!
Romantic26 Romantic26 3 years ago
Very enjoyable. I like the main protagonist. She's brilliant.
Star_catcher37 Star_catcher37 4 years ago
This is really good... And LOVE the title! People always do titles like 'OMG! A famous actor picked me but I don't like him, I like the bodyguard!'. I hate those.
Fearless24x7 Fearless24x7 4 years ago
Really good! Voted!
You have really good writing && it was very easy to read :)
Good job
MasqueradeMadness MasqueradeMadness 4 years ago
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! :D ahhh rowen is sooo cuuute. and i love the name jayden. awesome job!
huntergirl huntergirl 4 years ago
I love it amazing job great detail...its not something I would normally read but I find myself compelled to read more...Great Job