Visitors (LGBT)

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_AVeryDaringGirl By _AVeryDaringGirl Updated 2 years ago
A group of free agents from the FBI and CIA calling themselves 'The Righteous' seek to find and destroy the Visitors before their powers can be used for the Governments' evil schemes. Among the group are scientist Xander Oves and his best friend Rafael Pylsik, as well as Victoria Lang, ex-FBI agent, and Christian Kellz, leader of The Righteous. As if being forced into a terrorist group wasn't enough, Xander has to deal with his developing feelings for Rafael, and Victoria needs to come to terms with her affection for a new member of the team - Kathleen. Even worse, they live in a society where gay relationships warrant arrests...even death.
DerekParnell DerekParnell 2 years ago
A good start. I'm looking forward to the next installment. And by the way, I don't think that "nag" was meant to be there.
Icky8Marvel Icky8Marvel 3 years ago
Such a hanger! I love the secound to last line :} and your cover
Really awesome idea 4 sci-fi ;D Aliens <3