Fools Like Us *+A BoyxBoy Romantic Drama+*

Why do fools fall in love? Kai felt like the biggest fool for loving someone who has never even given their relationship a fighting chance, and now he felt like an even bigger fool for letting himself get seduced by self pity and convincing words from his ex-lovers younger brother, Cedric. 17 year old Cedric, mature for his age but still 7 years younger than Kaito. "It's just sex," Cedric had told him, "Pretend that I'm my brother..." How long will Kai be able to fight off his growing feelings for Cedric? How can something so wrong feel so right? And what about Cedric? Was this all just a game to the younger man with piercing blue eyes that seemed to see right through him? And when John, Cedric's older brother and Kai's ex-lover decides that he wants to continue his relationship with Kai even through he's already married, what will Kai do? Give in to his former lover or explore a new dangerous love...
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Awesome! But.....Does this mean John is bisexual since he dated a boy and married a girl?
thats jacked up because if you were together and then he says im getting maried that means the whole time he was with someone else
Interesting. ^_^ i really your boyxboy stories, i hope you make some more  boyxboy stories. xDDD
Cookie .! You are such an incredible writer. Gaah, Yer stories make me melt. They're so cute. My favorites are the BoxyxBoy's.
♥♥♥♥♥♥ Perf.
cookieeeeeee! hello! i really like this chapter i hope this book is as amazing as the others! your stories always make my day!
I'm having a bad day... but for some reason whenever I read u stories they make my day :)

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