Wolfsong (Otherside #1)

17-year-old Kia has spent his entire life being a wallflower—he’s not leader material, but when his wolf-dog turns into a beautiful girl, he’s not given a choice. Arii’s been recruited to bring Kia home, back to her realm, where werewolves are real, the supernatural exists, and tension between the two wolf packs is threatening to erupt into a full-scale war. With his father missing, Kia is the rightful Alpha. Stolen away from all he knows, he’s thrust into a world where rank is dictated by the color of your eyes and where the pallid light of the full moon transforms you into a powerful beast. All Kia wants is to go home, where his only worry is not flunking calculus. He soon realizes that the only way to return to the real world is to end the war—but not everyone wants Kia to succeed…
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I love it when you stumble upon something, and discover that the author actually can write! Keep up the good work!
@alicia105107 oh whatever! ;) greyson geyser or greyson meyer! it trully doesnt:)
Don't be mean just cause she didn't know a word that doesn't really even look like something that an alien would say
Just going to tell you, your description makes it sound like is wolf became a girl. Try changing 'turns' into 'runs'
I fell in love with this book as soon as I read the first sentence. This is fantastic.
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