The Encounter BXM

"I... Uh..." He put his finer up to my lips to stop me from talking. "Sh..." He hushed softly. His hard body connected mine, making him sigh in deep pure pleasure. I gulped. His hot tongue traveled all over my neck, making my hard on twitch like mad. He chuckled and his hand ran over the bump in my pants. "I will take care of this for you....." He heatedly whispered into my ear. Arron Massad was the man of every girl's dream. Rich, protective, strong, tall, and drop dead sexy. He has everything he wants, the girls and the fame. He is engaged and he is happy. But that was only what he thought. One day, he finds a strange boy on the side of the street. Shirtless, low shorts snug on his waist, and looking homeless. Being the man that Arron is, he helps the boy. He brings him to his home, feeds him, and makes sure he feels welcome. But an unexpected turn of events happens. The boy pushed himself on Arron, drowning him in a deep sexual kiss. Arron finds the power in him to push the boy off. He simply answers with: "Is this not what you picked me up for?" Read to find out their story. This will contain boyxboy content, so please leave if you do not like it, or support gay couples. Read at your own risk. It will have R-Rate Scenes.
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In this chapter, I'm very confused, is Arron supposed to be in love with his driver, or the kid he picked up at the street?
-.- Who is thou lover of Arron? Is it the young homeless man named Blane or the unexplained driver?
hey I love the book but what made u write a story about two guys falling in love. Still love the book
It's starting out great. But chapters from another story are mixed in and leaving blanks in yours.
it sounds repetitive when u say lips twice to close together. try taking out "his soft lips" and put "them" it may sound better. that is if u want of course
Wait, if his name is Blane then why do you keep calling him Shane? Isn't Shane the chauffeur's name? I'm confused...

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