Miracles In Love

Being Written. Updated Version is called "Love Had No End" available on my profile page. Imagine if your mate left you crying to yourself. Imagine if he just walked away from you, never to be heard of again. That was what happened with Hailey and Blake. One day he was here, then he was gone. 3 years he's been gone, but what would happen if Hailey decides to travel a bit? Would she see him? Would her heart soar for him? This is a sequel to Rejected By My Soulmate, but dear readers you do not have to read that story in order to understand this one. :)
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what a chapter ! the guy ... that guy was a..... wolf??? must continue reading this :)
So many stories are getting my head to do backflips, either that or the fact that you are an amazing writer! I really liked it 2@lottieisla
please don't stop...i want to see how Blake is gonna make it up to her after leaving her for three years.
poor Hailey, stupid Blake he just up and leave and now have the audacity to say "I'm not about to let her go"? jerkface
What the? He leaves, gets a girlfriend and says he's not letting go of her for a second time? Wasn't it him who ran away?
Good beginning but keep writing don't keep me waiting plz oh and can't wait for the next chapter.

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