Heart's Desire of a Vampire {On Hold also -_-}

Have you ever thought; when all hope is lost, the only option would be to die? I've felt that way... Lilly is a girl with a huge fear: She's frightened of Vampires drinking her blood! It's not that hard to prevent that from happening but when she's taken to an Academy full of Vampires to be looked after, she's kind've in a pickle! But when she falls for a Vampire, what will she do when he has no choice but to drink her blood?
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wats with lily???? dose she hav any powers???? shes not a vampire right???? pleaes tell me :))) <333 luv story though!!!!
:))) this waz gooood :DD hav u writn nxt chapter yet? plzzz keep postinggg :DDD <33333

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