Double Reality

There is no heaven. There is no hell. Instead, when you die, you must enter a full-blown survival game in which you must survive the same number of days equal to years lived on Earth (For example, if you died at the age of 85, you must survive for 85 days in the game). If you manage to stay alive for your total number of days, you are allowed to return to Earth as a baby. If you die, you face eternal punishment in a lake of fire. However, when nineteen-year-old Nathan Glyder enters the game, he just might change it forever.
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Oh my!!! I love your writing it's really good :)) And I like the character a lot. Plus this is a very interesting story. Keep up the amazing work :DD
Don't hate me since I haven't started reading this yet but the concept is SO DOPE and when I have time I'm devouring your story
The concept reminds me a bit of the videogame "The World Ends With You". It's a really excellent idea =D
Uniquely named characters and even though paranormal isn't my kind of thing, this is an exception!! Keep writing :)
Very nice. I'm impressed. You write very well and I love your word choices. This is definitely a good piece and has me interested. Good job :)
Good, and I like how it's The Hunger Games, but not too much like the Hunger Games

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