New Haven

Earth has been affected by a lethal plague that has wiped out three quarters of the world's population. As the infrastructure disintegrated, so did the stability of the environment. In this hostile new world, a small faction has come together for survival. Autumn Jessup risks everything to leave Wayside when she learns of the group. She embarks on a journey with her children and a few dear friends that will take them all through exciting and heartbreaking discoveries, and will eventually lead them to a safe New Haven.
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This is great so far, and I agree I'm more afraid of her husband than the impending doom of the world.
Descriptive, creative, and original! Great so far. Nothing I can really criticize!
Loved it! I'm more afraid of that "husband" than I am at the impending doom of the story ha!
Very dark. Can't imagine where this is going. I'll be waiting for the next chapters. Don't know where you find the time. :)
There is more to come.  Whenever. Someone changes their pattern odlf behavior crap happens.  Update soon I'd like to read on.
Augh holey hell.  Intense!!!!   I am into the story and freaked that he is going target her girl....augh she needs to get away.

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