New Haven

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feydoc By feydoc Updated 5 months ago
Earth has been affected by a lethal plague that has wiped out three quarters of the world's population. As the infrastructure disintegrated, so did the stability of the environment. In this hostile new world, a small faction has come together for survival. Autumn Jessup risks everything to leave Wayside when she learns of the group. She embarks on a journey with her children and a few dear friends that will take them all through exciting and heartbreaking discoveries, and will eventually lead them to a safe New Haven.
Corallei Corallei a year ago
Like the MC name; sounds just like mine. :D
Intense opening; life is clearly defined as altered. As is the mental state of some... Wonder where this will lead us?
RSByford RSByford 2 years ago
I'm completely loving this! One for the reading list. Great job.
KenMagee KenMagee 2 years ago
Intriguing - I love it. I'm putting this on my reading list... and voting!
Kateralia Kateralia 3 years ago
I love this story! I couldnt put it down. Not many stories capture my full attention & draw me into their world, but this one did. I hope there is more to come, but if not, you ended the chapter very well.
vechkinfan1 vechkinfan1 3 years ago
This is great so far, and I agree I'm more afraid of her husband than the impending doom of the world.
MarikCayne MarikCayne 3 years ago
Nice character construction. Internal conflict was well written as was the external. Granted a little more would be nice but that's just me. There were multiple areas which could be cleaned up, sense the flow gets interrupted in those areas. Other than that this was a good read.