Psych Investigation Episodes (Books 1, 2 & 3)

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Parogar By Parogar Completed
An Urban Fantasy about people with extraordinary abilities. While some see them as opportunities to better the world, others see them merely as an opportunity to create chaos. Jack Harris, a sixteen year old high school student, has only ever had two things in this world he truly cared about. Television and Popcorn. When he becomes a suspect in a series of brutal murders, his lazy-lifestyle is uprooted as he is forced into a world he never wanted to be part of.
KittysaurusRawr KittysaurusRawr 3 months ago
Abso-freakin'-lutely awesome! One of these days I'll find the time to go back through every chapter and vote. I love these! Jack Harris is like my male counterpart! Kudos to you, Kevin-sama!
OnlyPrenteus OnlyPrenteus 3 months ago
@leigh444 hi dead person. I had fun ripping you apart and eating you.
zyadss zyadss 3 months ago
this book is awesome,all the respect for the writer(kevin),keep up the good work
TheWhiteDoe TheWhiteDoe 3 months ago
Look I'm sorry the only reason I like my book a tiny bit more is because it's my creation. I'm sorry for any feelings I have hurt. This book is awesome! Keep writing.
teng-kun teng-kun 3 months ago
Quite a promotion you did there bro but that was was an epic fail. You see, this story has been on top of the list before and it's sequel is still on top 3 in Sci fi and fantasy while the other  series is on it's way to the top. We all have to agree to disagree right guys? :P
Amir_Agha Amir_Agha 3 months ago
@TheWhiteDoe really? Is that nessecary? This is another persons book. Even the MB would have been better. If you write to write, even to get a good audience, do it by being a good writer. Promote it here and there, but not in a place that isn't welcome, and not in that way.