Rejection Hurts

Samantha's life fell apart the year her parents died. She had been a nerd her whole life, but no one had teased her because her dad was the packs Beta and her brother always beat anyone who tried to. Then her parents died that horrible day ans suddenly her whole pack picked on her including her brother! She wanted to leave but she thought that when she found her mate everything would get better. In reality, when she found her mate, Xavier, he rejected her. Unable to deal with the pain she left.... This is her story
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Naww what?? from a camaro to a motorcycle?? Wish i was that filthy rich lol can't hurt to dream *sigh*
@maoriNZ im just gonna go with a manual v8 engine. dont no y but it just kinda came into my head ya no?
Hey, i really love your story! Keep up the good work! Don't pay any attention to bad comments either. Just be the best you that you can be! :D
I love reading these! There is always little differences that make the stories have a life of their own.
@Sunnibunnyrox  lmfaoooo awwww poor thing don't worry hun my aunt is fat n she's proud
Please don't explain the grossness of being fat I feel bad when I hear that cause I'm fat :(

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