The Albino Series: Book 1 Fire in the Eyes

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GreenGum By GreenGum Updated 3 years ago
I felt my dad drag me back. I felt the thoughts about him murdering my friends. I felt branches scratch my bandaged ankles. I struggled landing and kicked I finally landed on the groin, but he didn't even flinch. When he stopped, he pulled out his knife, I gulped when I saw the light reflect on the moon light. He slowly dragged it across my wrists. Blood oozed out, I cried in agony. "I would have gone easy on you, but you leave me no choice", My dad spat.
EneStarr EneStarr 2 years ago
I love albinos! ^^ 
I want to adopt one some day. (: 
Name her Shiro, like Deadman Wonderland's Shiro. :D
jilguera jilguera 3 years ago
Interesting chapter, maybe a little rushed but really interesting!
jilguera jilguera 3 years ago
Wow interesting start, I love the fresh character, an albino thats really cool!
Rearea1998 Rearea1998 3 years ago
I like this idea and story line. I'm not really sure why her eyes are red. Was she born that way or is she a supernatural creature. Anywayss I hope things become more clearer in the new chapter. Oh and clechay is spet cliche anywayss I liked the idea and am moving onto the next chapter
Musiq4lyf Musiq4lyf 3 years ago
LOVE how you described her being an Albino. People don't usually write about Albinos even though they are around in our world as well. This was a great start. You had one spelling error. It's cliche not cleshay. Other than that, this was really suspenseful and amazing. VOTED.