The Fourth Gate

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CreatingBalance_ By CreatingBalance_ Updated 3 years ago

Keeva is a simple girl with a very complex life.

Orphaned as babies, Keeva and her cynical twin sister, Kali, have never experienced anything exciting. But after a horrific car accident, truths about the twins' live begin to unfold. 

Who are they?
What are they?
Ladii_C Ladii_C 2 years ago
Cool prologue can't wait to keep reading and see what else you got up your sleeve.
sincerelyterrani sincerelyterrani 3 years ago
Kali sounds a little bit evil... Anyways the cliffhanger was not something I was expecting so good job. There were a couple errors, but nothing major. Overall good job! =]
sincerelyterrani sincerelyterrani 3 years ago
I like your prologue. The diction was good, the sentence structure looked good, and the voice was stunning. It's original, and destroying heaven is a most interesting thing to be writing about. I'm reading it! =]
Magicstudy Magicstudy 3 years ago
That is a very good prologue... It makes me want to keep on reading~but u need to have more explanations... for example, who is Satan? What is Nephilim? 

Very good though... Keep Writing :D
sweetsecrets sweetsecrets 3 years ago
i LOVE the prologue. it really drew me into the story. i will read more in my spare time. :)