Baring My Soul (poetry)

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JackieMarie92 By JackieMarie92 Completed
This is a collection of poems that I've written over the years, some of them are free verse and some rhyme. The inspiration for the poems varies, but most center around some aspect of love, whether it be the joy and the pain of young love or the love of a mother or the love from God. I hope you enjoy!
CarpeDiem37 CarpeDiem37 2 years ago
What a wonderful poem. Recently I have felt the thrall and fall of love, so I agree with each line.
ShinigamiDeath ShinigamiDeath 3 years ago
This poem really helped me clear my head.
Your a great poet.
SoRandom7 SoRandom7 4 years ago
I love to write poetry and I read all of your poetry. My favorite was the one you wrote about your was brilliant!!! I wish others would take in interest in poetry because it really opens your eyes...poetry was my therapy