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Imagine a World within ours. Authors write about Fantasy. They write about dream worlds and other illusionary realms besides our own. But do they believe what they’re writing is true? To you it’s all just imaginary, but for me it’s real. Every night when I sleep I visit a world quite unlike our own. But this is not a normal dream.
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Interesting! You had a good lead in and made me want to read the next chapter to find out what happens! Only one thing. It's spelled pier. 
@xXhopelessromanticXx I agree large paragraphs overwhelm readers, but it is really good once you get over that!
Very nice! :) though there are a few grammatical errors and the absence of paragraphs makes it a bit harder to read but I'm really liking the story
this seems an interesting idea. quite different from alot of books on here, in a good way!!! not really into vampire/arranged marriage/high school stories!
totally loving but it would be much easier to read if you put conversations on a new line....... really nice
That's most certainly an interesting prologue. It's a bit short for me to make any conclusions about its depth or style, but you're on the good track so far.

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