The Huntress

Anastasia is a beautiful and talented huntress who lives in the forest located as a boundary to the Kingdom of Tintagel. Being able to never miss her target causes her to be known as a legendary hunter. Knowing that she will be disrespected by all people if they found out she was a woman she hides herself in a black cloak and only comes out of the forest if absolutely necessary. But that all changes when she accidentally saves the young Prince Peter of Tintagel's life and is wanted by the King as a protector to his arrogant son in trade for anything she wants. Will she comply to the king's order? If she does, can she hide the fact she's a woman to the whole kingdom?
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maybe it has to do with their opinion of women that they should be "house wives with children"
this is an amazing book so far 
i hope to read more of this so please update 
many others enjoy it as well
so please write more for your readers
I'ts quite good and I wanna read the next chapter I can hardly wait for it please update (^_^)...
That's great so far. A lot of improvement in the editing when compared to the previous chapter.
aww i love this. i actually love your writing! its amazing, cant wait for the next chapter! :D xx

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