The Light (Sequel to the Watty Awards finalist The Rebel) The Second Book of Or

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Lillian By FaithAndModesty07 Updated 3 years ago
After the end of The Rebel, Ella heads home in order to locate her family and find The Change. While in her hometown, she begins to under go a change herself. Johnny claims that her eyes are changing colors, and she begins to act differently. While Ella changes on the inside, insane things begin to happen. As Ella begins to grow in God and put her faith in Him even more, she gains certain abilities and so called 'powers'- miracles. 
    But what will become of Ella and Johnny? "If you think war stradagies and battles are hard to handle, you obviously have never met a boy." Ella thinks to herself. And what of poor Owen, looking from the outside, confused and jealous? 
    And the biggest question that stikes Ella the most- Could her father be the AntiChrist?
um i take it your not going to complete this book??? its been 3 years. you were doing so well!!! it's powerful,exciting,and adventures!!!! please try and finish it!!!
Hi again! Really want you to update .. It would make me very happy.
I'm sad! :-( you haven't updated & i really really really want to know what's next.
Update soon I'm living this & i want to know what is next ---bat eyelashes in innocent begging way---
Good, as usual. There were a few spelling errors and some typos, but that's it...if you want the spelling errors pointed out, just let me know and I'll tell you what they were. :D
                                    Upload soon! Please...O.O
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O.O Whoa. This is so good!
                                    There are a couple of typos here and there that you'll see when you edit, but that's about it...Keep writing and posting! ;D
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