how to become a mermaid.

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victoria_mermaid By victoria_mermaid Updated a month ago
i know there's a lot of girls, who wants to become a mermaid. i know how. my name is victoria and i'm a real life mermaid. keep reading my book and you will become a mermaid soon.
Ok guys not to be rude but .......SPELLS DONT WORK!!!!!!! 
Only mermaid shifting does
It's being able to move things with your mind, in this scenario, it's moving water with your mind and thoughts
Well I am. I don't respect it. I'm more of a rebel. Unlike the pleasant mer-folk. I enjoy being around sharks and stingrays. Unlike the other mer-folk
ok this is creepy i have some times blue or hazel or green eyes.. Ive never been kn the ocean. Im going to the ocean in a few weeks...
Question, by BFF is a mermaid and she can change the color of her tail to anything, she showed me, hers is purple right now. Um can they be different colors ? And my BFF as way more powers than that are there anymore than the tree u listed?
I have a mermaid in the book that I am creating, as well!  Keep writing!!!