The Pernicious Imposter

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_ForeverYoung75 By _ForeverYoung75 Updated 2 years ago
Ever go on Facebook and get that one friend request from some guy you don't know, but have mutual friends with? Well this is a story about a teenage girl name Iris Pitner who makes a Facebook and a guy named "Steven Williams" adds her. They start talking for a while on Facebook and Steven decides to throw a party and invite Iris and other teens from her high school. Will this end well?
noviluniomoon noviluniomoon 2 years ago
this is actually scary. And the ending of the intro builds the suspense..good work:D
AceoftheWest AceoftheWest 2 years ago
whoa bro!!! Bad vibes! Really bad vibes!!!!!!! I liked this but I would have preferred a bit more dialogue in the beginning when it was just her and her friend. Like actual dialogue with quotation marks but that's just me :)
AceoftheWest AceoftheWest 2 years ago
ok I just read the summary and I'm like crap...this aint gonna end well!
MuSiCrOx81432638 MuSiCrOx81432638 3 years ago
Omg!!! This is the first actually SCARY story I'm reading..!!! I LOVE it!!!
lisaiscool lisaiscool 3 years ago
Wow so far so good very creepy in a good way,is this support to be a short story?