I 'Effin Love You Too (sequel to I 'Effin Love You)

It's been twelve years since we left off with our favorite characters, Summer and Jay. Their daughter, Grace, is now seventeen years old and has a boyfriend of her own. But there's something off about him as Grace's cousin, Jimmy's son Owen, thinks. Something isn't quite right with him. He doesn't seem to be as in love with Grace as he claims to be. Is there something or someone keeping him tied to Grace? Or is it just the protective side of Owen? When a new guy comes in the picture, Grace begins to feel torn between him and Danny. Who is she going to choose? And what happens when Owen falls for a girl who is less than trustworthy? More trouble brews when an old foe comes back to town. What will Summer and Jay do? They have a restraining order on him, but will a piece of paper really keep him away? What is he trying to do? Is he after Summer to get her back by his side again? Or is he after her for another reason?
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glad u wrote a sequeal cant wait to dowload it on my phone to read because im not on the comp much
It was a little short..... But good.... Grace is alot like summer..... Is Dannies mother Emma??? 
I love your story bout jay and summer. Simple yet very touching. Super love it. Keep writing!
Wow you are an awersome writer. I love this book I hope that you update soon because I really love this book
Omg!!! I just about died when I found out there was a sequel. I absolutely loved the first book and plan on reading this one.
i love it! keep writing it. also Grace has the same birthday as me and i'm turn 17 this year

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