His Assistant

Miranda Mitchell is working as an assistant at A.A.D.T. Company. She's been an assistant for the boss of the company for 4 years. But when her boss retires and his son comes to take his place things get, steamy and, dramatic. Secrets will be made and told, friendships and relationships will be tested, people will talk, someone will get jealous and be a homewrecker. Find out what happens in 'His Assistant'.
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Miranda boo u wasn't suppose to kiss him again u were suppose to stand your grpundit girl
I'm.sure she called Jess, love the story so far. I'm glued to it while reading  please we6ird more thankss (:
OMG!! Miranda needs to break up with her boo and go with Chris I think they would make a good couple but Jessicaight be sneaky but good job I love this story
Woah! What the helk?! I can't believe that. They wild! But I'm ready for them to get it on! lol ik crazy right? Oh well!

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