The Diary of Alec Blood, The Demon Diary Series.

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_RomeAngel By _RomeAngel Updated 3 years ago
The young Mr. Alec Blood is a current day teen who has his own problems. He has an alcoholic mother, an abusive father, a dead sister and the only thing that can help him calm the storm that is his life is Cain. Cain is his diary, he named it after the biblical Cain. He confides in it as a friend and is surprised to find that Cain has sympathy for him and is shocked to find that Cain...can talk
midnight-disaster midnight-disaster 3 years ago
that's some cool 17 yr old! :D haha, is it true about the Cain thing? I'm not religious so I wouldn't know. but i chuckled when he was like may all who read this get struck down in some way. LOOL :D but that's SO COOL!!! A MAGIC DIARY!!! :O