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_AVeryDaringGirl By _AVeryDaringGirl Updated 7 months ago

Vincent and Zachary have been friends for as long as they could remember, and Vincent has always been in love with Zach. But he's always felt as if Zach only thought of him as a friend; hell, he thought his best friend was straight! Vincent's thoughts change after a steamy liaison in an empty classroom after which Zach confesses his love for Vincent.
babe_youlooksocool babe_youlooksocool 7 months ago
He must be a crappy weather man fifty degrees celsius is hot as hell
hi_its_mick3y hi_its_mick3y 3 years ago
I love it! I'm sorry, i'm really tired so this comment isn't going to be as long as the comments i usually leave. Sorry bout that. But i really do love the story so far :)
MusicIs4ever MusicIs4ever 3 years ago
@AVeryDaringGirl  no prob. great writers deserve to be fanned! lol
diehardtwilightfan diehardtwilightfan 3 years ago
Pload please! You just left me hanging.. That ain't right! Lol just hurry up please!!