Poison- Harry Styles

What happens when fire meets ice? Does the fire melt the ice? Or does the ice put the fire out? I felt my self falling deeper and deeper each day Into the abyss I've tried so hard to stay out of That is until two hands grabbed me and pulled me back out.
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@the_crazy_fangirl_33 Yes I am well aware of that but... I wear a knife, no one's gonna point it out.
Also, it's quite normal to go out during the week where i am from. Just not if you're in highschool
I always get paranoid that someone's stalking me whenever a random number try's to call me or message me, it scares the hell out of me...
'But she sneaks out the window to meet with her boyfriend'  none if that happened haha
I bet all these ppl are freaking fugitives or CIA agents or something so they have code names. 

Jk they're probably in a gang

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