Poison - H.S [Major Editing]

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Something evil I crave.
Something evil in rage.
Something evil I say,
Has taken completely over today.
I don't know how to swim,  I almost down when I was 3
my brother was teaching me but when i begin to float that memory comes in mind and I can't do it 
I was trying to find this book awhile ago and couldn't remember the name and I just randomly came across it again.. in obsessed with this book and I finally remembered it by the chapter titles haha
I can swim but it's awkward wearing a bathing suit in front of people I know .-.
Carrots whoo ! Sorry not sorry (I just miss the carrots days, I am not the only one right ?)
Four as in four nipples? the album? or Tobias from Divergent?
Awh man, it's like Harry telling her to stay away from Niall or something :O