Poison- Harry Styles

What happens when fire meets ice? Does the fire melt the ice? Or does the ice put the fire out? I felt my self falling deeper and deeper each day Into the abyss I've tried so hard to stay out of That is until two hands grabbed me and pulled me back out.
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I was starting to read resistance, but then i heard about Poison so im like o.0 now im here.
Harry styles is now in the building I repeat Harry styles is now in the building
Everyone is like, 'ah, my f.uck divergent' and I'm over here thinking about, I'm number four......
Once you start reading it you are not going to be able to can't stop thinking about it... seriously best book ever.
they're gonna have partners and she's gonna have to write a documentary about harry
Exactly when it said four I was like yup Divergent! That's my movie right there :) Great chapter can't wait to read more

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