Poison- Harry Styles

What happens when fire meets ice? Does the fire melt the ice? Or does the ice put the fire out? I felt my self falling deeper and deeper each day Into the abyss I've tried so hard to stay out of That is until two hands grabbed me and pulled me back out.
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my classes are 40 minutes i could't handle 10 more minutes is this a joke it's not funny
When I have to write like a second part of a story I just write what I would write in a Fan Fiction just change the names..last time I got a 5 out of 6 (^~^)
id be like "I read fanfictions and cry bc 1d and 5sos." and then show a picture of food
I always sit somewhere on the side next to the window bc I want to look outside and pay no attention to my teacher #notevensorry
everyone is talking about their sports and im sitting here with oreos everywhere
My school has lockers but we dont get to use them. LIKE TF? My back be killing me

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