Poison- Harry Styles

What happens when fire meets ice? Does the fire melt the ice? Or does the ice put the fire out? I felt my self falling deeper and deeper each day Into the abyss I've tried so hard to stay out of That is until two hands grabbed me and pulled me back out.
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I would procrastinate til the night before it's due cuz I'm a stupid procrastinator. Lol
You don't know true awkwardness until you've met me...I'm like the definition of awkward.
this is not divergent... and even if it was HARRY IS WAY SEXIER THAN THAT UGLY SON OF BI TCH IN THAT MOVIE
I just really want to kill someone over her frustrations of last year and summer like wtf
oh my God good job!!! you can swim naturally at the age of nine!!! I'm literally clapping... so proud :')
yeah let go... don't you see the sign? yeah. it says RESERVED FOR HARRY! you don't see it? oh yeah... THATS BECAUSE YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT DUMBASS

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