Forever in a Day (A Roc Royal Love Story)

(Book 1) Ariella Taylor is a 16 year old girl. She is a semi-fan of the teen sensation group Mindless Behavior. Her big break to see them in concert comes when she finds 4 of their sold-out concert tickets. And guess what! The tickets are for floor-seats! Her favorite of the group is Roc Royal. Her best friends are Sierra, Tiana, and Crystal. What happens when Ariella finally meets the boy shes somewhat-crazy for? It isnt easy to fall for a teen celebrity. ┬ęCopyright Jamiya Taylor 2012 All Rights Reserved.
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aw that was so sweet but girl in reality I don't think you would gove no dam backstage tickets up, shoot I know I wouldn't lol
its a boy at my school name malik he cute or whatever and he like me his boys does too ugh (;
OMG that name MALIK is in this story ............ why ........ jesus ...........why (my crush)
Awww, so sweet of Her, but idk GIVEAWAY my pass to see and touch MB. Maybe too far tho
I jus went to mindless behavior concert lastnite and I like roc royal 2 I couldnt take my eyes off him
@MangoPrincetonsWifey  right cuz iim pretty sure if that was me i would never had picked up that envelope

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