Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

On quotev as well ^.^!!!! So let's say a young girl (you) met a someone who calls them their selfs monsters but the girl thinks they are special. They got closer and closer and became a couple. What's going to happen with them?
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LOL this is the first creepypasta boyfriend scenario with Jeff saying bye like this XD
bitch I'm sexy not cute!Why moult me huh?!? got a probably because I so damn sexy?!?
Heck no I would never go on a Ferris wheel! Don't trust them! Never trust them (e-e)
BEST MOVIE EVER!!! But my mom won't go near the ocean because of it... damn it I LOVE the ocean...
D-Dark Link? *reads next chapter and throws fist in air* YUSH! :3 *happy dance then crawls back inside the box i'm always hiding in*
*raises hand* And Dark Link...maybe....*shyly hides in a box* sorry, i love Legend Of Zelda....

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