Princess in Hiding (Werewolf Story)

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_Dirty-Girl By _Dirty-Girl Updated a year ago
Running through the woods wasn’t new to me; I heard nothing but the beating of my heart and the pounding of my paws. The birds weren’t making noise, not a single animal was moving. The dewy moss and rich soil felt nice between my paws. I looked up the moon it’s just disappearing telling me it was another day. I let out a howl of excitement and picked up my pace. I soon came up to the walls of the great castle, the grey rock wall was fifty feet high guards walked along the wall making sure no one was either to break in.
MarcelineQuantum MarcelineQuantum 3 years ago
Found a few grammatical errors but they can easlie be found and fixed... Sorry to say this but I think you over used "I" :( All in all it is good and I'm reading on
TheusernameIwanted TheusernameIwanted 3 years ago
You have great descriptions and I was so happy to see that it's a unique plot, as opposed to the cliches that seem to dominate Wattpad.. Great job!
MusicMyLife MusicMyLife 3 years ago
werewolves aren't my thing...never were
But, the flow of the chapter is natural, and the idea much more unique than the typical werewolf thingy! voted!
apathetic_Remorse apathetic_Remorse 3 years ago
You have great desciption and its a really good flow. but the trip just happend suddenly. maybe you should put a little more dialogue and feeling between her and her father
ShyaRenee ShyaRenee 3 years ago
Great story, but its WRITE not WRIGHT :)
Apart from that great begenning and flow of dialogues :D
JordieXx JordieXx 3 years ago
Thank you so much for the dedication and letting me know of a werewolf story to read! :)