The Misfit Princess [ON HOLD]

“Time flies by fast, doesn’t it? Today, one lucky female commoner’s name will be drawn, as every year, to attend the renowned Princess Academy. In any other circumstances, these seats are reserved for royals and princesses only! The only qualification for entering is an age restriction, participants must be between 16 and 18 years of age.” A posh looking girl with a pretty face and elegant dress opened a trunk full of paper slips. A sudden hush came over the crowd on TV as she reached in and pulled one out. Her pompous voice broke the silence. “Elizabeth Moore.” I stared, dumbfounded. - - - Elizabeth Moore is a girl on the brink of poverty. Now, she is chosen as the “lucky” commoner to attend the school, reserved for only the rich and noble, for free. Just how much of a misfit will she be?
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Is this book based on that barbie movie ............... Cuz thats what it sounds like
Reminds me of the hunger games in a way... Another story of yours that I am in love with...

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